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8 Secret Items That People Buy

Dear Friend:

     Let us discuss something that will improve the performance of your Web site. The idea here is to identify... excluding your product... items that people buy. Items that will stimulate people into buying your product.

     There are 8 items that I would like to mention. These are...

Promises, Benefits, Value, Testimonials, Credentials, Guarantee, Instant Gratification, Convenience

     People buy promises. And people will also hold us accountable to our promises. It is best to promise only what we can deliver, and then deliver more than what was promised.

     People are.. whether we admit it or not... selfish. The "what is in it for me" mentality. Stressing the benefits of a product will answer the "what is in it for me" question. Only after stressing the benefits do we provide other supporting information such as product features. 

     What will make you part with your hard earned money? Only for something that you would perceive to be of equal or greater value to you, right? The product and service must therefore have value to their target market, otherwise... it is a waste of time.

     Given a choice, would you buy from someone you know, or from a total stranger? I think we agree that we will buy from someone we feel comfortable with. Testimonials create this comfortable feeling.

     Credentials have a similar effect to testimonials. It makes strangers feel more comfortable. In addition, credentials make a person seem more "trustworthy."

     A guarantee transfers the risk from the buyer to the seller. This eliminates one barrier in the buying process. If the seller assumes all the risk, such as a lifetime warranty or money back guarantee, would you not be more inclined to buy?

     Have you ever bought an item based on impulse? Try to recall. Once, twice, more? Interesting isn't it, on how many times we buy without really planning on buying. The idea of getting the product now... instant gratification... is too much to resist, and we buy. At least I do.

     If it makes our life easier and save us time, we will buy it. Convenience.

     I personally keep these 8 items in mind when I update my Web site. And worth repeating... promises, benefits, value, testimonials, credentials, guarantee, instant gratification, convenience.

                                                                                      Joel Mangilit

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    Joel Mangilit is a freelance Information Technology consultant focusing on helping small businesses with their Web strategy. He is also a professor at De La Salle University Graduate School of Business, author of "Secrets of Designing Web Sites," director of IT Standards Review Center, Inc., and owner of www.webphil.com. He may be reached at joel@webphil.com.