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Web Marketing Tutorial

How to get hundreds of targeted visitors to know your products and services.

Having several businesses, both offline and online, web marketing is key to my business success.

Here I will discuss, step-by-step, how you can use web marketing to market your products and services to hundreds of targeted visitors per day.

The concise step-by-step template for web marketing:

1. Learn all you can regarding search engine optimization.

2. Choose a proper domain name.

3. Build your web site.

4. Find an excellent web hosting company (key to your web success).

5. Submit to the top 3  free global search engines.

6. Wait for 2 months, and then reap the fruits of your web marketing.

7. More Web Marketing Tutorials...

Here is the detailed explanation of each step:

1. Learn all you can regarding search engine optimization.

Basic advise is to understand what words people are using to search for your products and services. This is what we call keyword or more important, keyword phrases (combination of 2 or 3 keywords).

For example, I want to market my web marketing tutorial services on the Internet. First, I would go to:

http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion/ - this is an online tool that allows me to check what other keyword phrases related to "web marketing" that people are using, and how popular (or frequent) the keywords are. The more popular a keyword means more people are using the words to search in Google, Yahoo, or MSN.

Now, after using this tool, I may get the following results doing a search for web marketing:

count     search term 
30182     web marketing
21949     web site marketing
990        web marketing services
595        web marketing consultant
43          web marketing tutorial

As we can see, the most popular keyword is web marketing, followed by web site marketing, and so on. 

This is important... we will now incorporate the keyword phrases into the design of the web site... which leads us to...

2. Choose a proper domain name.

From my experience, I feel that having the keyword phrases in the domain name is very important to get good search engine rankings.

For example, I can try to register a domain name called www.web-marketing.com. Notice that the keyword phrase web marketing is in the domain name.

Real world example: I have a web site called RC Car Tips. The domain name is www.rccartips.com. Now go to www.google.com and www.yahoo.com (the worlds most popular search engines) and do a search for the keyword phrase rc car tips. You should see my web site listed as number 1 in the search results. (This web site generated revenues of $4000+ USD, with a net profit of $500 in the month of May alone! Not bad for a 5 month old site that gets visitors by purely online web marketing.)

Sidebar: For pure web marketing, it is better to use keywords for the domain name. But if your business is marketed offline, it may be better to use your company or brand name.

3. Build your web site.

The keywords must also be integrated into your web site. And to build a web site, you need to know HTML or hire a good web designer who understands search engine optimization.

If you know some HTML, here is where you can integrate the keywords:

Title - Insert the keyword into the page title. Ex: <title>Web Marketing Tutorial</title>

Meta Description - This is a meta tag. Information here should be a 1 or 2 sentence describing the content of the web page, and be sure to include the keywords in the sentence.

Headings - These are HTML tags to signify structure or give headlines. Notice that the headline of this web page is Web Marketing Tutorial.

Body - The normal content or paragraphs in a web page. Notice how often I use the keyword web marketing throughout this web page.

Hyperlinks - These are the blue, underlined text. Example, instead of just a hyperlink such as about, call the hyperlink about web marketing tutorial. Notice that the hyperlink is more descriptive to your users and to the search engines.

4. Find an excellent web hosting company.

This is key to your success. Excellent web hosting company means that your web site is accessible, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, to both your customers and the search engines.

Consider this, if you have a BAD web hosting service provider, this is what happens:

a) Your customer visits your web site, but because the service is bad, your web site is unavailable for viewing, and your customer leaves without doing business with you.

b) The search engines such as Google send "spiders" to visit your web site, and add your web pages to their database. If your web site is unavailable for the spiders, your web pages will not be indexed by search engines. This means that no one will find your web site using Google, Yahoo, MSN, AlltheWeb, etc.

I personally use the same web hosting for my web businesses and my clients. The web hosting company I use is Catalog (just click on the hyperlink to visit their web site). They provide excellent services such as domain name registration, web hosting packages, and their web analysis system provides information reports from data in log files. You can see how many visitors per year, month, day, and even hour. You can track what web pages are popular, and what pages are "exit" pages. You can track what keywords are used to find your site, even sorted according to a specific search engine.

Click here now to register a domain name and get web hosting from Catalog (This website, Philippines Web Tutorial, is registered and hosted with Catalog.)

5. Submit to the top 3 free global search engines.

Do not bother with submitting to hundreds of search engines, submit only to those that are important and will bring in traffic to your web sites.



You can also submit to popular search directories such as:



Sidebar: Search engines use "spiders" or technology to automatically add pages to their database. Search directories use human editors, who visit your site, then decides if and when your web site will be included in their directory listing.

6. Wait for 2 months, and then reap the fruits of your labor.

Web marketing via search engines and directories is not a quick marketing fix. It develops over time, as web sites that started in 1994 get a lot of traffic compared to relatively new web site.

It normally takes 1 - 2 months for search engines and directories to list your web site, if ever at all. Normally, web sites that have plenty of useful content have better chances of being included in search engines.

If after 2 months, you are still not listed, resubmit.

To check if your web site is indexed or listed, simply type your domain name in the search box of a specific search engine.

Sidebar: My web site www.rccartips.com is only 6 months old as of June 2003, yet gets around 500 unique visitors per day. Imagine your business getting 500 targeted visitors per day just because you have a web site. And if you are in the import/export business, even better as a web site provides global marketing.

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There are many more topics too numerous to discuss online, such as affiliate programs, pagerank, linking, cloaking, pay per click search engines, ad words, and so on.

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Personally, I apply the techniques suggested by web marketing expert Ken Envoy in all my websites. I have studied a lot of books and web sites of internet marketing gurus, and by far Ken has been the biggest influence in my own web strategy. Click on the hyperlink below if you want to learn more about his system and ideas.

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Joel Mangilit is an IT and Web Design professor at the Graduate School of Business of De La Salle University (Manila, Philippines), author of "Secrets of Designing Web Sites," director of IT Standards Review Center, Inc., and is webmaster of www.webphil.com. He may be reached at joel@webphil.com.


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