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Two Products That Sell Well On The Internet

     The secret of the Internet is this... it is a medium that allows digital data to be distributed... anywhere... instantaneously.

     Instantaneously... instant gratification... get the product now. 

     So... if we have a product that can be digitized... it can be sent to anyone... anywhere... satisfying a basic desire... instant gratification. People buy on impulse... and the sooner they can get the product... the higher the chances of buying.

     Products that can be digitized... e-books... reports... music... video (the latest trend). And if you are a writer... graphics designer... web designer... musician... you can take advantage of the Internet because your services can be digitized, and delivered via email or file transfer. 

     These products are well suited because the Internet is a low cost medium for distribution. I remember one occasion, where a person in the USA wanted to buy my P 275 Secrets of Designing Web Sites book. So I went to DHL and Federal Express, expecting to pay around P 250 to ship the book. The actual price was close to P 2,000 or 6 times the original price of the book. Moral of the story, high shipping costs will kill low cost products. 

                                                                         Joel R. Mangilit
                                                                         Joel R. Mangilit

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