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How Two People Made $ 1.2 Million In Sales

During The First Year 

From A Simple Web Site

     While looking for a suitable online storefront service for one of my clients based in the USA, I stumbled upon Yahoo storefronts. One thing that caught my eye is the success story of one Web site called, run by two people, generating $1.2 million in total sales during its first year.

     I wanted to find out more, but the article in Yahoo was just a short marketing copy. Fortunately I stumbled upon a site called and saw an in depth article about To save you time, here is my summary of the 7-page article:

  • Founded by Sean Lundgren and Todd Livdahl in February, 2000

  • Online store that sells videos, games, and DVDís

  • The founders operated the business from their homeís during the first year

  • Generated $ 10,000 in orders on February 2000, their first week online at Yahoo

  • Gets 2 Ė 3,000 orders per month

  • Generated $1.2 million in total sales during the first year in operation

  • Started the online store with 50 products

  • Competitive because of the low overhead costs

  • DVD and video retailing is a low margin industry, profits are generated by selling large quantities of products

  • The site is mainly marketed by being a store in Yahoo Shopping

  • Does not believe in click-thru advertising

  • They do not run an affiliate program, but are thinking about it

  • Success 1 came from being well advertised by Yahoo

  • Success 2 was the low price, beating the competition

  • Success 3 was taking care of the customers

     I would like to thank the people at, for their free but valuable articles. 

                                                                         Joel R. Mangilit
                                                                         Joel R. Mangilit

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