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How-to Set Up a Web Site
April, 2002

Putting up a website can provide new opportunities for your company. The following are the steps you can follow to establish your own website on the Internet.

Secure an Internet Access from an ISP
The first thing to do is to get you connected on the Internet. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are companies that will connect you on the Internet for a fee. You can get subscription plans or the pre-paid Internet access cards. Some ISPís to contact are Pacific Internet, Easycall, MosCom, I-Next, and SkyInet.

Get an Email Address
Once you have Internet access, the next step is to get an email account. Email is the most popular tool for online communications, hence get an email account with a good name. Some email providers are Hotmail, Lycos, and Edsamail.

Planning Your Web site
Identify your goals for the Web site. Identify your customers goals for using your Web site. Match the two, and identify the criteria for designing your Web site.

Creating the Web site
If you have the time and patience you can try to learn HTML and design your own Web site. But if you are more concerned about managing your business, then hiring a good Web designer is a wise decision.

Find a Web Hosting Company
Once the Web site is complete, you will have to physically store it on a Web server that is connected to the Internet. This service is provided by Web hosting companies.

Get a Good Domain Name
A domain name is the name that will be associated with your Web site (e.g. www.webphil.com). Try to keep the domain name short so that it will be easy to remember and will fit on your calling card. A good company is www.catalog.com.

Promote Your Web site
Once your Web site is up and running, have it tested by users for any errors. If you are comfortable with the Web site, the final step is to promote it. You can do this through traditional means (e.g. word of mouth, print ads) or online (e.g. search engines, ad banners, exchanging links).

Companies that provide connections to the Internet. Gotcha, Pacific Internet, Moscom, Destiny, PLDT

Language used to create Web sites

Web Hosting
Companies that offer disk space that will allow your Web site to be seen on the World Wide Web

Domain Name
Easy to remember names for a Web site. Webphil.com, Yahoo.com, Yehey.com

Web Site Setup
Pages + hosting + domain name + domain name forwarding

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