Online tips, tutorials, and book on designing Web sites.  


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Table of Contents
The Basics
Web Graphics
Web Promotion
Web Design Tips
Analysis and Case Studies
Web Safe Color Chart
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Table of Contents

Part I - Information Gathering
  Chapter 1: The Basics - Internet, WWW, and Web sites.
  Chapter 2: HTML - Introduction to the language of Web sites.
  Chapter 3: Advanced Technologies
  Chapter 4: Web Graphics - Obtain, create, and optimize.

Part II - Creating the Web Site
  Chapter 5: Planning
  Chapter 6: Page Design - Color schemes and layouts.
  Chapter 7: Hands on Tutorial - Step by step procedure.
  Chapter 8: Publishing on the Web

Part III - Effective and Successful Web Sites
  Chapter 9: Testing and Maintenance
  Chapter 10: Promotion - Search engines, web rings, etc. 
  Chapter 11: Tips and Techniques - Web design tips.
  Chapter 12: Analysis - Case studies and research findings. 

Appendix A - HTML quick reference guide
Appendix B - Resources on the Web
Appendix C - Web safe color charts
Appendix D - Web design checklist

Written using simple English. You do not need an IT background to understand the book.

For MBA's
This book has been used in the MBA program of De La Salle University for the course "Web Page Design and Management."

1. Simple
2. Concise
3. Easy to follow
4. Non-technical

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