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Strategies for Advertising Your Philippine Business Online 

From: Joel Mangilit
Wednesday, 12:30 p.m.

joel mangilit, Philippine online advertising consultantONLINE advertising may be a new to some Philippine businesses. Below are some basic strategies that small businesses in the Philippines can use to advertise their business online.

1. Put up a website. - People will know about your business if they find your website. How can they find your website? Via search engines, links from other websites, offline advertisement (although this defeats the purpose of getting advertisement via the online medium), etc...

2. Put up advertisements on other websites. - Popular ideas are banner ads... although there are statistics that show the decline in its effectiveness.

3. Advertise via newsletters. - Newsletters are a big part of online advertisement. It is more effective than a website, as information is pushed directly to the target customer's email. Just make sure the newsletter is not being sent as SPAM. 

SPAM is defined as sending unsolicited emails.

There are more... but the ideas are stored in my brain. I make a living as a consultant..  and unfortunately... cannot reveal everything I know for free.


Online advertising in the Philippines, by Joel Mangilit
Joel Mangilit

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