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Multi Level Marketing

     It is a lazy Sunday afternoon... relaxing... watching TV. What am I watching? It is some show on how regular Filipinos can be millionaires. It started of with a lot of testimonials from their "Business Centers Owners". From what I saw, the message that was sent to me was "It is easy to make money."

     Ok... this sent alarm bells in my mind. Whenever I here the terms easy and money at the same time... hmmm... opportunity... or sucker? 

     Anyways, I kept on watching, intrigued on what the scam... excuse me... scheme was. Basically if you joined the company, you can make money by:

  1. Selling the company's products, such as real estate, and insurance. Ok, two products that are not so easy to sell.

  2. "Recruit" other people to join the company, telling them they can make money by:
         - selling the difficult-to-sell products
         - or "recruit" other people to join the company.

     You see, to join the company... you will have to shell out around $ 300USD for training on real estate, marketing, learn basic computer skills... and... motivational CD's. And if you get "recruits", you earn a percentage of the joining fee. 

     So... you make money by recruiting other people to join the company... and lest everyone in the company forgets... to sell the real products... real estate... and... insurance.

     Ok... let me cut to the chase... do I feel that this company is legit? Lest I be sued for libel... I have no comment. However, let me stress two things:

Be Careful of Companies That Require Employees To Pay A Joining Fee

And Be Careful of MLM Schemes

     Now that is out of the way... what are the legitimate companies that use MLM? Basically you are looking for companies that sell products that require face-to-face selling, such as real estate and insurance. Sounds similar to the company I describe above? Yes, but the truly real... legit... honest to goodness companies... do not require their sales force... to pay a fee... to join the company. Remember the basic rule:

Money Flows From The Company To The Employees

     If you have to pay a joining fee, then in effect... you... the employee... is paying the company money... for the opportunity to work for them. What kind of scam... sorry... scheme is that?       

                                                                                      Enjoy life!
                                                                                      Joel Mangilit


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