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Make Money Online


     IT IS NOT EASY to make money offline, and it is even more difficult to make money online. Anybody who says otherwise is either lucky... OR... is trying to sell you books and tools on how to make money online.

     THAT being said, below are methods that I use to try and maximize the benefits of a web site.

1. Web site must sell something - A web site that gets a lot of hits but no sale is useless. 

2. Be part of affiliate programs - Beside selling your own things, look for other products and services that compliment yours, and earn on commissions selling these items. Might as well maximize the buying potential of your customers and site visitors.

3. Provide useful content that PRE sells something - People go to a web site to find content, not an immediate HARD sell. Helpful content will make your visitors like and trust you. Only then is the time to try and sell them on something. PRE selling is about SOFT selling. 

     That's my secret for making money online.                  

                                                                                      Enjoy life!
                                                                                      Joel Mangilit


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