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     Do you want to make money on the Web? So do I. That is why I must have visited thousands of Web pages regarding Internet marketing, home based business, easy way to make money online... etc. Sounds familiar?

     Now, I analyzed these sites, and most of them follow the same logic that made the site owners rich. And what is the secret that made these people rich? Well... I think this short story should shed some light into their business model.

     "Friend," the sales letter began, "let me show you how you can make an extra $25,000 a year. I am doing it this year -- and you can do it, too. For detailed information, just send me $25."

     One of the letters went to George Dimwitty. George was excited about the possibility of making money. So he mailed his $25. In a few days he got the following instructions:

     "To make extra money just as I did, you first get a mailing list of suckers who want to make extra money. Then you write them 'Friend, let me show you how you can make an extra $25,000 a year. I am doing it this year -- and you can do it, too. For detailed information, just send me $25.' " - Source: Business Communication 5th Edition, Raymond Lesikar

     Did you notice the similarity between the story above and the Internet Marketing Web sites? These people became rich, by selling books on how they became rich online. And they became rich online by selling the book. See the dilemma?

     Now I am not saying Internet marketing Web sites are bad. In fact, I apply a lot of what they are saying into my own online marketing strategy.

     What I am against, is the idea that they sell secrets to making money online, when in fact the only way they make money is by selling books that tell the secrets of how they made money online. But the problem is, the secret to their money online is by selling the books. Confused? Actually it is the same modus operandi as the story above.

     And then there are affiliate programs... whew, let me save that topic for another day.                

                                                                                      Enjoy life!
                                                                                      Joel Mangilit

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P.S. As an Internet consultant, my secret to making money online is simple; I help companies with the design of their Web site, which in turn generates additional clients and revenues, of which they pay me a commission or a flat fee for my service. 

P.P.S. The part "in turn generates additional clients and revenues" is not easy to achieve, that is why companies are willing to pay me a reasonable amount. Bottom line, if someone can generate $1,000,000 in profits for your company, would it not be a good deal to pay him a salary of $ 500,000?