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The Car Secrets Report (Overview)

     A simple Web site, Carsecrets.com has sold over 21,000+ copies of the book "Car Secrets Revealed", and is still selling 15+ copies per day. The report contains analysis such as:

  • What was the Web idea that generated over $500,000 for the site owner

  • What is the secret behind the marketing copy or "magic" words that led to success

  • Analysis on how the site gets over 2.8 million visits

  • Technical analysis on how the Web site was designed for success

  • What was the conversion rate of turning visitors into buyers

  • Analysis on its marketing strategy

Report Details:
Date: May 9, 2002
Contents: 1. Executive Summary
2. General Information
          - web site
          - owner
          - expertise
          - the money
          - business
          - bonus offer
          - guarantee
          - cost
          - traffic rank
          - incoming links
          - hits
          - payment method
3. Web Site Design
          - title
          - description
          - keywords
          - headlines
          - navigation
          - content
          - page layout
          - color scheme
          - font
          - technology
4. Analysis
          - product
          - sales conversion rate
          - how site gets hits
          - web design
          - secrets to success
Pages: 9
Price: P 500 or $10 USD
Payment: Cash, check, or PayPal
Format: Adobe PDF

     This report is valued at P 500. If you find this report is not worth P 500 to your business, I will refund your money, no questions asked.

     To order the report, just give me a call or send me an email. That's all you have to do... and I will send you the report in PDF format to your email address.     

                                                                                      Joel Mangilit

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    Joel Mangilit is a freelance Information Technology consultant focusing on helping small businesses with their Web strategy. He is also a professor at De La Salle University Graduate School of Business, author of "Secrets of Designing Web Sites," director of IT Standards Review Center, Inc., and owner of www.webphil.com. He may be reached at joel@webphil.com.