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How To Save P 40,000 When You Buy A New Computer

     What is the difference between and IBM, HP, Dell, or Compaq desktop home personal computer costing P 60,000+ and a clone version worth P 20,000? 

     Is it the reliability? Not necessarily. I have seen clone computers outperform branded HP computers. Some of these clone computers would have fewer crashes as compared to their more expensive counterpart.

     Is it the speed? No. Given that both the branded and clone computers are of the same specifications, their speed, or capability to process data, and run software applications would be the same. 

     Is it the data storage capability? No again. Did you know that the major computer companies install hard disks that come from companies such as Quantum, Seagate and Maxtor? And did you know that clone computers also use the same hard disks sold by these companies? Conclusion… same hard disk… different packaging.

     Is it the computer display quality? I keep repeating myself, but the answer is again no. Branded computers sometimes buy computer monitors from companies such as Viewsonic, LG, Sampo, Samsung, and Philips. They just re-brand the monitors to their company name. As for the video cards, what is used in branded models is available for use in clone computers. 

     So what is the difference? P 40,000.

                                                                         Joel R. Mangilit
                                                                         Joel R. Mangilit

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     P.S. Having configured over 100 computers during my 5-year stint managing the technology requirements of Banco Santander Philippines, Inc., in general branded computers are more reliable and stable because companies such as HP and Dell spend time testing components to ensure interoperability. 

     P.P.S. In the case of clone computers, individual parts such as hard disks, memory, and video cards from different manufacturers are used. Sometimes they work properly with each other, sometimes not… but the bottom line… the P 20,000 clone computers are more than good enough to be used at home.

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