Online tips, tutorials, and book on designing Web sites.  


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Table of Contents
The Basics
Web Graphics
Web Promotion
Web Design Tips
Analysis and Case Studies
Web Safe Color Chart
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Web Design Book

Secrets of Designing Web Sites
Joel R. Mangilit (2001)
Illustrated with color graphics
50 images, 50 tips, step-by-step tutorial
Pages: 112
Price: P 275
ISBN 971-23-3254-3
Published by Rex BookStore, Inc


I've read a part of the book already, and I find it very interesting specially the tips. I'm studying HTML and JavaScript for quite sometimes through the use of books. I've been searching for reference materials and not all books at the bookstore is as useful. So far, your book is the second one I find useful, aside from my reference book (peachpit-HTML4 for the world wide web).

Thank you.

Allan Ryan J. Timtiman
Tiquel's Enterprises
Technical Consultant & Support


In the small amount of time I’ve been working on this project, your book has become more than just a reference tool. Thank you.

Writing "Designing Web Sites" is a great accomplishment. I hope it brings you the financial success you deserve!

Congratulations & good luck in the future,

Stacy Rovens
Marketing Coordinator
Insurance Management Services, Inc.


Written using simple English. You do not need an IT background to understand the book.

For MBA's
This book has been used in the MBA program of De La Salle University for the course "Web Page Design and Management."

1. Simple
2. Concise
3. Easy to follow
4. Non-technical

Target Reader
1. Entrepreneurs
2. Business owners
3. Students
4. Professors
5. IT professionals

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