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This is my interview with Bhong Capiña, a Web master who attracts 260,000 visitors a month to his Web site.

1. Can you share with us just a little about yourself (education, profession, hobbies)?

I'm Bhong Capiña, 27 years old, BSBA graduate and basketball fanatic.

2. When did you put up and what was your goal for the site?

The site was lauched on May 2000. It's primary goal is to showcase some of my works online. And hopefully get some web development/design project leads thru my website.

3. Have you achieved your goals for the site?


4. How many hours did it take to build the site, and how many hours to maintain?

It took me 5 solid hours to conceptualize and build the site. I only need 30 minutes or more to update the site.

5. How many visitors has your site gotten to date? What is the average number of visitors per month?

The last time I've check my web stats (March 2001), my site is getting around 260,000 unique visitors a month. I'm forced to disable the web stats/counter because it eats up precious web space.

6. How did you promote your site (e.g. search engines, affiliate programs, banner ads, mailing list, offline promotion, etc)?

I did register my website on major search engines like google, yahoo, altavista and others.

7. Of the various ways of promoting your site, which brings in the most traffic?

I think the best way to drive traffic is by winning awards and being featured in other respectable websites.

8. How many inquiries (related to the goal you have set for the site) do you get in a month? And how many materialize into actual projects leading to financial compensation?

I average 20 inquiries a month and only 3% of them materialize.

9. How much does it cost you to maintain the Web site (e.g. web hosting fees)?

$10 for web hosting and $70 domain name (2 years)

10. What are the factors that made your online endeavors successful?

Quality design work plus user friendly interface.

11. What advice would you give to entrepreneurs who are exploring the possibilities of the Internet for their business?

Doing business thru the net is very profitable but it needs a lot of careful planning before you can put up a good site/business. Do some research and be on a look out for sites that have the same function on what your planning to put up.

Thanks again... maybe I can return the favor sometime.

                                                                         Joel R. Mangilit
                                                                         Joel R. Mangilit

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