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Tips for Growing a Business

The 3 basic strategies for growing a business are: 1) Have Customers Buy More Frequently, 2) Have Customers Increase the Size of Their Purchase, and 3) Find New Customers.

Have Current Customers Buy More Frequently

  1. Build your opt-in mailing list.
  2. Send periodic emails to your in-house opt-in mailing list.
  3. Email must give valuable information plus an offer to buy more products or services.

Have Current Customers Increase the Size of Their Purchase

  1. Basic product or service offer.
  2. Offer add-ons, upgrades, or options.
  3. Offer incentives to buy larger quantities, such as discounts.

Find New Customers

  1. Word-of-mouth / referrals / affiliate programs.
  2. Public relations.
  3. Advertise.

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