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Generate Web Site Traffic Tips

Here are 5 cost effective tips to increase traffic to your web site: 1) Search Engine Optimization, 2) Pay Per Click Search Engines, 3) Affiliate Programs, 4) Viral Marketing, and 5) Other Online Marketing Methods.

Search Engine Optimization

  1. Identify key phrases that best describe your site.
  2. Identify related key phrases that are popularly searched for by people using search engines.
  3. Identify key phrases that have good profit potential.
  4. Create a search engine friendly Web site.
  5. Submit to major search engines and directory sites.

Pay Per Click Search Engines

  1. Advertise using Google AdWords.
  2. Advertise on Overture. 
  3. After Google AdWords and Overture, try Findwhat, Kanoodle, and Sprinks.

Affiliate Programs

  1. Start an affiliate program.
  2. For low-priced information products, try Clickbank.
  3. For a big company, join CJ or BeFree.

Viral Marketing

  1. Create a great site that offers information and service.
  2. Give away free eBooks that mentions your domain name.
  3. Use signature files in emails and online articles.

Other Online Marketing Methods

  1. Create a signature file.
  2. Participate and contribute in online forums or discussion boards.
  3. Place ads in other e-zines or newsletters. 
  4. Joint venture and cross promote with other Web sites.
  5. Join Web rings.

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