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internet consultant and web designerHi, my name is Joel Mangilit. This website is for Filipino students and job seekers. Learn about various careers, professions and job opportunities.

Articles to help you make an informed decision on school, careers, jobs, businesses and more.

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Where the jobs are:

Agriculture, Fishery and Forestry ~ 16%. Palay, fishery and corn. Coconut, sugarcane, banana.

Industry ~ 33%. Mining, manufacturing, construction, electricity and water.

Services ~ 48%. Transport, communication and storage. Trade. Finance. Occupied dwellings and real estate. Private services. Government services.

School and Education

Studying Tips
Get higher grades by studying less.

Teaching Strategies
My PowerPoint presentation and talk to AMA University Professors (51KB)

Why Smart Students Get Low Grades 
You are smart, yet get low grades. To find out the cause, try to answer the following questions as honestly as possible.

Career Paths
What you major in college and the real life jobs available.

Youtube Videos Not Buffering
My solution to this problem.

Companies, Business and Industries

Philippines Companies and Business Sectors

The Philippine Stock Exchange is a marketplace where you can buy and sell shares or ownership of a company such as PLDT, Meralco and more.

Banks and investments.

Chemicals, construction, infrastructure, electricity, energy, power, water, food, and beverage.

Holding Firms
Diversified companies in three or more businesses in different industries of which none dominate revenue.

Land and property development.

Education, hotel & leisure, information technology, media, telecommunications.

Mining and Oil
Mineral extraction, oil exploration, extraction and production.

Airline, BPO, electronics, hospitals, motor vehicles, retailers, web, security and shipping.

Careers and Job Opportunities

What is a good career? Here are some real life on-the-job experiences.

Sales Engineer
From selling, design and commissioning of products.

IT Staff
All around guy supporting the information technology needs of a company.

IT Executive
Life of an IT Manager and Senior Executive.

Insurance Agent
Selling non-life insurance policies such as car and home insurance.

Real Estate Agent
Selling homes and condos with typical 3% - 5% commission.

Research Analyst
In the financial sector, analyzing performance of companies and industries.

Teaching is a very satisfying career. Helping young minds think, be creative and decide for themselves.

Doctor and Nursing
A very noble and selfless profession. 

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